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Ciphryx (pronounced sigh-friks)


Ciphryx: A Better Tablet Text Input Solution 

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Few wish to hear the truth, but the truth is, neither the virtual keyboard nor conventional handwriting recognition will ever be designs fundamentally fit for the compact tablet computer. Dabblers or cursory users who are currently in the majority can get away with using these two systems, but it is the future student and serious tablet user who will be unable to bear up under the stress of the sustained tedium produced by these two forms of text input.

Ironically, although many dedicated users complain about the current input systems, if anything new is suggested that requires even a moderate amount of learning, they will fiercely cling to one of the methods that they just complained about, like a child to a teddy bear and won't let go. If this attitude didn't stifle progress, it would be quite amusing.

These two input methods, that most consider permanently entrenched, will eventually be recognized as interim tablet solutions, but for now they are king. The mainstream, "follow-the-path-of-least-resistance-and-make-the most-money" thought process is... "There are no good solutions here. We have to use something and will make all individuals suffer equally and hope for the best. We know that neither system is easy to put up with over much more than a dozen seconds per input session, but we will make it appear "advanced" by adding extra features like word prediction to keep users compliant and reduce their objections.

The developer of Ciphryx, not being constrained by corporate deadlines or even a time frame, did not accept this point of view and expended a great deal of time and effort testing and researching the concept to find a fast, accurate and high endurance text input solution for himself and other serious tablet users if they so chose. The answer was finally discovered that solves the tablet text input problem. The name given to this system is Ciphryx. (ciph = decode and ryx = write)

Ciphryx is made for the modern classroom and, although a number of the strokes are truncated, it is designed as a continuum of old school writing that should not be intimidating to any proficient writer of the English language. There is a big difference, however, between it and either the duplicating, paper-redundant handwriting recognition systems or the virtual keyboard. Ciphryx, although, possibly less artful in its appearance, is not just a little plinking form of text input, but a comprehensive and fluent electronic writing system constructed with an eye on the future. As cursive is a step above print, ciphryx recognition writing is a step above cursive. It is faster, 100% neat, tablet-agile, easier to write quickly and correctly, high endurance and compact.

One may read all they wish about the Ciphryx concept, but the only way to understand it, is to download and play with the program for a while. It won't bite and you may learn something new and fascinating about how your brain works. Whether you choose to use it or not is up to you, but either way you will have gained an unique and interesting experience. Ciphryx is personal. Each individual will react to it differently.

You may ask yourself, "Why this and not something else?" One is free to search the web, but no comprehensive system close to Ciphryx will be found. One cannot duplicate the logic or geometry behind it. It is patented. The ultimate questions are: Does it make sense? Does it work? Can it be practically applied? The answer to these three questions is a resounding ... Yes.

P.S. The fourth question is: "Is it fun to write once you get the hang of it?" The answer is also yes.


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Smooth And Fast Tablet Writing

Tablet Text Input That Transcends

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(see the 3 videos below)


Text output is best viewed at full-screen-OFF (zoom in to best text clarity) and then zoom out to view text injected into Wordpad at the end.

Ciphryx is a highly coordinated stroke system, built for input speed and accurate recognition. It is as close as one can get to the "feel" of writing familiar English, but uses a smoother, more simple and much "wider spaced" stroke set. The close-to-English feature makes it easy to adjust to and master. Imagination will not help you know how simple and smooth it feels. You have to experience it..


Ciphryx: For Tablet Users Who Want:

Unobscured screen space on their tablet while writing

To input quickly without high eye/hand coordination

To rapidly switch between text input and drawing

To conveniently input tablet text in the field 

To write faster than cursive, and neat

To experience the extraordinary

To input text without looking

To take fast, neat notes


z scene _______


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Ciphryx Tablet Recognition Writing 


(Java Runtime Engine [JRE-8] Provided)

Std (1280x800) and HiRes (1920x1200)

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Text output is best viewed at full-screen-OFF (zoom to best clarity) (1:32 sec)

Note the features: A single stroke per letter. All smooth, follow-through motions. Continuous writing. Capitalization using a modifier stroke. Quick and compact "in place" input. High accuracy. High simplicity.  All characters, numbers, punctuation  at your fingertips. Inbuilt handwriting calculator. Voice character output feature.



The Concept of Completion

Did you know that your brain will accept a partial stroke as a completed letter? It will automatically "fill in" the missing portion in your mind without you having to actually write it. This sensory illusion was originally described as a visual perception used in connection with those going blind who would unknowingly fill in blurry objects with clear images that their brain thought should be there. Most objects weren't really there at all. This phenomenon is called "completion", but also comes into play when writing symbols. Quickly written simple strokes are like blurry objects that your brain will be determined to complete internally if the stroke is correctly "tuned" to the letter. Pairing this illusion to the writing of similar, but simpler strokes is key to producing a more efficient recognition writing system that still retains the familiar feel of English.


4:16 min - Word speed in real time. (zoom & set at highest quality) (Video below is meant to inform. It demos straight word performance.)

Imperfect as the video may be, it clearly shows that Ciphryx (patented) writing can be input very quickly. (It is not artificially accelerated.) The GUI and stationary writing style is compact and if mastered, one will have maximized their tablet's utility and achieved a text input advantage. Note that fluent writing can only be achieved if the strokes are correctly matched with the target language. The Ciphryx universal stroke set has been carefully tested over many years and is arranged to provide the best English match and recognition rate.


HIGH PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION WRITING is a step above the ancient writing methods that were designed for use on stone, clay and paper. It is tablet-agile and real-world practical. Like a mathematical equation the Ciphryx stroke set is not open for debate. It follows the laws of natural motion, yet surprisingly, it can be arranged to closely fit the English writing/keyboard character system.

_ _

Ciphryx can be viewed as a puzzle of simple pieces that fit tightly against one another. This boundary based concept is patented and the secret to quick input speed with high recognition. The Ciphryx recognition program defines each stroke's boundaries precisely through angles and direction change detection which gives a writer confidence that the error rate will be low and similar to that of a keyboard. 

_ _

This new text input system is an evolutionary jump in writing... It uses a specialized stroke formula that provides the lowest potential for error at the fastest input speed. A highly practical and useful tool for the modern world. It can, with practice, be written blind. (Something you couldn't even imagine saying about the eye intensive virtual keyboard.)

_ _

Test Ciphryx. This version is specifically designed for English writers. Download the software and get acquainted with this revolutionary text input experience.  It is easier to write than print or cursive. You will be surprised once you get the hang of it. Your error rate, when mastered can be extremely low. The input speed is high. and its user interface does not obscure a large portion of the tablet screen as other forms of text input.




 Come back later after absorbing the information you've just read.


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