“One of the most modern, yet, esoteric and disconcerting concepts to embrace the planet.”


Welcome to the Ciphryx recognition writing system.

(20 years of testing)

More compact, simpler, faster than cursive, text neat; while still feeling like English.

Currently A Windows Beta / Java Program



(Asymmetric Motion Text Input Language)

Developed to prove that writing still has room to evolve and will open a new door in the 21st century.



– AKA –

Compact Stationary Writing or Universal Computer Script (UCS)

In the 2nd video below the “ink” mode is turned off, eliminating the duel distraction of stoke input and character output. One feels the strokes rather than looks at them.

(the ball follows the stylus tip movement)    



“When focus is directed excessively toward
the visual, one becomes perpetually 
trapped within the elemental.”


 Key Ciphryx GUI & Controls

Sounds to confirm actions, cap prior character, number mode, handwriting calculator, select all and copy to paste, set trigger text to inject, note taking input mode, search engine mode, character to voice mode, repeat character mode, tap to erase, ink off and GUI fade mode.



(*One can master Ciphryx in less than a month by playing with it just a few minutes a day. Although truncated, it stills feels like English. All makes perfect sense once it becomes automatic.






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