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Free Downloads Steps (1-3)

For problem free downloads place the Ciphryx zip file into your Download directory.

NOTE: Download files are safe and virus free. They are not located on the website. All downloads are anonymous. On clicking the text within the email sent to you, you will be directed to a ciphryx specific download page. There you can click the clearly designated download button….  JS Nelson …. Any problems – please alert me! Use the contact page email. Thanks!


For Windows Tablets  (Works with Exp, 7, 8 and 10)

For ~1280×800 and ~1920×1200 resolution tablets. 


STEP 1: – IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE – you can download a file unzip program OR  just open the Ciphryx zip file(s) in Windows File Explorer (a menu choice) and transfer the unzipped file to your downloads folder.



STEP 2: – IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE – download the Windows (Java Runtime Engine or JRE (You may also go directly to the Java site for version downloads.) All versions JRE-6 and above will work with Ciphryx.


Free Download ⇓ – 29 MB



STEP 3: Tap file to download the (Standard resolution) or the (Higher resolution)



Free Downloads ⇓ – 49.5 MB 

(for lower resolution tablets)

for download URL request at:

(for higher resolution tablets)

for download URL request at:


More Detailed Download info Below

 (Substitute Ciphryx_UCS_Full_HiRes in the directions below when downloading the file.)



The browser should download it to your “Downloads” directory. -> Unzip the file -> Choose “here” to extract a single Ciphryx_UCS_Full folder to that same directory. -> Double tap the newly extracted Ciphryx_UCS_Full folder to open it -> Read the two text files inside. -> Double tap the UCS icon to reveal the Ciphryx intro window. -> Open the program and tap the [Info] button to release the instruction sheet and stroke description page. (You may drag and drop the UCS icon and pin it to your task bar.) … Done!

Things to Remember ( Read the directions and also read FAQ):
You may have to change your app/font size setting (150%) and font size (9) for Windows 10.
(1) Timing is everything! Ciphryx recognition is excellent, but … writing speed and performance is totally dependent on your tablet’s speed! Not all manufacturer’s tablets perform well or the same, even with identical cpu chipsets.
Poor Ciphryx performance is caused by poor chipset/digitizer matches by manufacturers or too many internal processes going on at the same time which inhibit recognition. 
(2) Your passive stylus must have the right friction against the tablet screen for the best results! (If it is slippery or skips you will have control and recognition issues. Test out writing with your finger to get a feel for how well finger touch works as opposed to a stylus. (Also note that an active stylus with its additional background software, will perform too slowly unless the cpu is substantially above 2 Ghz.) The developer of Ciphryx uses a wide custom stylus tip made of high quality conductive fabric with a medium soft foam interior. (great flow… great density… great conductivity.

Custom Stylus

“Custom Stylus”

3) Try to concentrate on the output in order to control your speed. Out of the corner of eye watch the input. Once mastered you can turn off the ink and write by motion alone.
4)  Note that the closer to the edge of the screen the less sensitive is the digitzer!
5) The “tails” of Ciphryx strokes are truncated in order to reduce random touch digitizer fluctuation errors. Super fast strokes will cut off more than the tails and affect recognition
6) Having recognition problems? Slow down, relax and write larger. When using “touch” make certain you haven’t accidentally unchecked the [T] box.
7) The burst cpu technology may cause a hesitation upon starting for some tablets. A couple of swirls on the gray writing rectangle will get the ball rolling.
8) Ciphryx  has dynamic recognition. That means that the speed with which you make a stroke or its length can alter the outcome. If your digitizer is giving you a problem, you can alter stroke length or speed to hit the right recognition “sweet spot”.


TO USE CIPHRYX EFFECTIVELY, the constantly popping up virtual keyboard must be disabled. Go to Control Panel->   Tools-> Services-> Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service….-> press and hold-> click Properties-> in General Tab see Startup type->  set to disable-> tap Apply-> tap OK … restart your tablet …  (If you use a password for your tablet at startup, tap the clock looking icon on the lower left. It will display the onscreen keyboard option.)


Good luck and good writing! Ciphryx software  is different than standard HWR. It has a combination of writing and keyboard characteristics. The strokes may appear imperfect and a little squirrelly, because of the recognition process occurring during writing, but they are only guides to the motions. Practice and feedback will develop a sense of the system. (Note: When in a Browser that has a fast reaction time, tap the TITLE bar (very top) to inject text at the blinking caret point.) It may not be necessary when injecting text into most word processors.



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